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"I’ve always been an open book, known for speaking my mind and letting it all out, especially when it comes to anything sex related! Working in the sex toy industry has taught me so much about a healthy sex life, different kinks and so much more. I’ve never been more excited to help others achieve and become more comfortable with their own interests when it comes to all things about sexual health and wellness. It’s time to screw all things taboo, and enjoy the great things Let's Vibe has to offer!"


"And I am the polar opposite! Growing up in my household, sex was not something we talked about. Boobs or nakedness on TV was not tolerated and TV channels would get changed!  Needless to say I did not grow up comfortable talking about sex and to this day I still get a little embarrassed. @ Let's Vibe we want everybody to feel free and liberated, no matter what your preferences are or how you see yourself, we feel that it is all about LOVE! It is very important to us that everybody feels included! Our wish is that you all love and enjoy our products, especially our Sexy Back Subscription boxes."