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The Ultimate Guide To Dirty Talk (Part 1)

Mar 12, 2024

Lovey-dovey texts? Check.
Pet names? Ready to go.
Dirty talk? No dice.
Sometimes, you’re gearing up to drop a sexy line just to have your brain go blank, like writer block but in an intimate moment. Dirty talk during sex leaves many people tongue-tied, stumbling over words, resorting to tried-and-true but tired phrases or awkward laughs.
Learning how to talk dirty without feeling like you’ve stepped into a cliché is an art, and your cheat sheet is below. Even if your bedroom banter has never been better, we can guarantee you’ll learn something new.

So let’s start off with the basics, what is dirty talk?

Dirty talk is the use of provocative language to enhance a sexual experience. Pet names, sexual commands, insults, and vivid erotic imagery are common dirty talk themes that can be used to embellish your erotic encounters.
Dirty talk is not just confined to the bedroom- it can take place before, during, or after a sexual experience with the goal of provoking, exciting, or arousing the listener.

Sexting, thirst traps and sliding into those DM’s

Gone are the days of arranging your booty calls via carrier pigeon. These days messaging apps & dating platforms are able to facilitate virtual encounters that offer new & creative ways to talk dirty. There are so many different ways to play in this digital playground, we’ve had to create special names in order to differentiate them. Take a look at five ways that people are redefining dirty talk in cyberspace:

1.0 Sexting

Sexting is a versatile form of dirty talk that involves sending sexually explicit messages, photos, videos, and/or audio recordings on a messaging app, dating app, or social sharing platform.

2.0 Thirst Trap

A (typically provocative & revealing) self-portrait designed to attract attention, most commonly in the form of compliments and praise. The term Thirst Trap first appeared on twitter in 2011, meant to embody the desperate (aka thirsty) characteristics of early 2000’s selfie culture.

3.0 Sliding Into (Your/Their) DM’s

Soliciting a romantic or sexual conversation, typically with a total stranger, via a direct message (DM). “Sliding into DMs” is generally viewed as a low-risk way to indicate your romantic interest in a person.
Stay tuned for Blog part 2!