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The Ultimate Guide To Dirty Talk (Part 2)

Apr 4, 2024

Now that we know some of the terms let’s move on to enhancing your dirty talk!

Recycle Turn Off Words

There are very few examples of what dirty talk sounds like outside of pornography so we often look to it as a source of inspiration, but pornography highlights a very specific style of dirty talk.
If the “cum dumpster” vibe isn’t making you feel cute- recycle it. Dirty talk is most erotic when it feels genuine and authentic, so stick to terms that feel natural and familiar to you.

Vocalize What You See/Smell/Taste/Hear/Feel

Describing what you see, smell, taste, hear, and feel can allow your loved ones to tap in to your sensual experience, heightening excitement, and increasing pleasure. Take a look at these sentence starters to see how you can invite your partner into your sensory experience:
You look so sexy when…
Do you feel how…
I love how you…
That feels amazing when…

Talk Back

Conversations are not one sided. When we fail to respond to or validate our partners, we can make them feel discouraged and reluctant to engage. Talking dirty requires us to be vulnerable with one another- and that deserves acknowledgement. A simple “Yes, ma’am,” or “Thank you, daddy” can take your dirty talk experience to the next level.
Stay tuned for Blog Part 3!