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The Ultimate Guide To Dirty Talk (Part 3)

May 10, 2024

Ask Questions

Asking questions is the foundation for any great sexual experience and can reveal incredible details about your partners sexual preferences, kinks and fantasies. If you find that your running low on original material, asking questions can be a wonderful way to reclaim the moment. Just be sure not to go overboard- most of us aren’t looking to be interrogated when we’re getting intimate.

Compliment Your Partners Performance

Validation can sound very different in the context of some of our most intimate encounters. Have fun with creating different ways to compliment your partner for their performance, attitude, appearance, or sportsmanship.

Master Your Inflection & Pitch

Say it like you mean it. Do you want to fuck me or do you want to fuck me? Pitch and inflection can influence a person’s sexual experience in dramatic ways.

Keep it NSFW

The best thing about dirty talk? You can do it anywhere, anytime. Thanks to modern technology, you can send a virtual calling card from anywhere in the world with complete discretion. This has not only revolutionized long-distance relationships, but has created an avenue for couples to commune digitally outside the walls of their home.
Wrapping up this dirty talk how-to guide, it’s essential to touch on one more thing: Insecurity and doubt. It’s totally normal to feel insecure, uncomfortable, or like you lack self-confidence when you start learning how to talk dirty. Explicit dialogue, whether in person, via text, or phone sex, can be intimidating, especially if it’s unfamiliar territory.
But everyone starts somewhere.
Lets vibe strives to help everyone in every department of the bedroom, and this is just one of many blogs that can help!
Keep reading and remember, keep it dirty and let’s continue vibing. – Shay Lassen